Endocrine Society Statement Says Peds More Dangerous Than You Think

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After all, we see it every day in gyms across America not only among elite athletes but even among average gym users who are looking for quick results. Thats whats so scary. Athletes who use PEDs make up only a small fraction of the 3 MILLION PED users according to a Scientific Statement released yesterday by the Endocrine Society . In fact, the pervasiveness of PED use now exceeds Type 1 Diabetes and HIV infection. There is a widespread misperception that PED use is safe or that adverse effects are manageable, according to Shalender Bhasin , MD, Director, Research Program in Mens Health, Aging, and Metabolism, at the Brigham and Womens Hospital , and chair of the task force that developed the statement. The truth is, PED use has been linked to increased risk of death and a wide variety of cardiovascular, psychiatric, metabolic, renal, and musculoskeletal disorders. There have been increasing numbers of young bodybuilders dying of heart attacks but the bodybuilding community remains in constant denial with the excuse that there is no proof that steroids were the cause. Sorry, but that just doesn’t fly. To be sure, there is no absolute connection between check this out steroids and heart attacks but, then, what is the absolute cause of ANY heart attack? Can anyone say definitively what causes anyone to die of a heart attack?
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Cool Runnings: How To Modify Your Outdoor Workouts For Winter

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Sometimes. I dont like working out in snow and ice. No way. I brave the elements for my workout. Vote See results Freezing temperatures and the frost-covered ground don’t mean you have to abandon outdoor workouts. But, like working out in hot weather, there are some things you max workout should consider before lacing up your shoes for an icy morning run. “A lot of the recommendations are really kind of the same,” said Ted Schatz, a personal trainer at Northwest Personal Training in Vancouver.
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10 Crazy Fitness Rules That Should Exist

PHOTO: The editors at Mens Health magazine have come up with their list of 10 crazy fitness rules that should exist.

Sure, go ahead and buy that Big Gulp full of soda. But swim 30 lapsthe same number of ounces in your drinkbefore you take a sip. 10 Crazy Fitness Rules That Should http://www.montpelierjournal.com/9007-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_mpj.html Exist Crazy Rule #4 4. If you take a taxi fewer than 10 blocks, push it for two of those blocks. Anyone who can push a cab that far max workouts easily has the cardiovascular fitness to walk 100 blocks. 10 Crazy Fitness Rules That Should Exist Crazy Rule #5 5. Use the elevator at work?
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